Making the most of your SAP system

During SAP project implementation or roll-out, there is a peak amount of effort that is required for a successful go-live; which at high level can be defined as a SAP system that goes live on-time, within project budget, with completed data conversion while ensuring business familiarity with the new functional processes.

These targets offer natural constraints that limit what can be done for first go-live to improve business efficiency.   In the lead up to a go-live, there are plenty of one-off activities that consume a large amount of effort like business engagement, system readiness, infra-structure challenges,  training, data conversion, documentation and so on.

Mature solution roll-outs can offer more from day one (e.g. global templates or UpstreamOne), but still the nature of such projects means that time and resource constraints will exist; which for the most part need to be focused on go-live critical activities which are not necessarily in-line with what adds business productivity.   The issue is further magnified with fixed price projects where there is even less elasticity in timing and resource.

As such, in order to make the most of your SAP system, business improvement  initiatives need to be run after go-live.  These should focus on embedding the solution within a business while ensuring seamless processes which maximise automation and system controls.  These two elements are key to improved data quality, reduced processing errors and seamless periodic closures.

Critical Consulting has unique experience in global roll outs and business improvement initiatives and would be able to offer insights into such developments quickly  through focused workshops and engagements.  Our primary focus for such improvements is automation and system controls which are at the heart of data integrity and efficient processing; bringing immediately noticeable benefits to your business.