What we do

When faced with a problem relating to projects, upgrades, global roll-outs, initiatives, business improvement or integrated processes; Natural Resources works with you to identify the scope of the problem and how best to tackle the issues at hand in the most cost effective manner; while ensuring world class outcomes.

We can communicate effectively with you, understand your urgent requirements and provide immediate options for resolution.

Our highly skilled consultants are supported throughout the engagement period by industry leaders, who engage with you regularly for status monitoring; ensuring the highest quality resolutions and delivery. Your problem becomes our problem to resolve with you to the highest quality.

Where needed, Natural Resources offers in-house or external training to our consultants or directly to your business.

Natural Resources also provides SAP solutions specific to the Oil & Gas industry including add-ons for Joint Venture Accounting (JVA) and Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) where we have been heavily involved in functional specifications for SAP.

Supporting your success. fact.